Globe Tape PE Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrap

PE Pallet Wrap / Stretch Wrap

Globe Tape

PE Pallet Wrap / Stretch Wrap  
 - This product is recyclable and made of linear low density polyethylene. It is (1) non-toxic, (2) lightweight, moisture-proof, dust-proof (3) soft, stretchable and resistant to puncturing, etc.  
 - Suitable for fixing the goods on a pallet, provides the goods with protection from falling during transportation, resistance to puncturing, and resistance to moisture.   
 - There are various specifications to choose from, suitable for automatic and manual packaging. Users can choose products with different toughness and thickness according to their packaging requirements to achieve the best protection.  
 - Thickness: 0.015/0.017/0.018/0.020mm  Width: 500mm   Length: 185-1500M