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Plastering Tape

PVC Globe Tape

Plastering Tape- The best choice for construction protection masking tape
 -PVC plastering tape is designed to meet the needs of different operating conditions. After use it is easy to peel off without residue and will not damage the surface of the material, allowing for the protection effect to be utilized to its fullest extent. In addition, the surface of the tape can be printed on, having the effect of product classification and identification while enhancing company brand advertising.
 - The main function of PVC plastering tape is to protect products from scratches and damage during processing and handling. Suitable for surface protection of aluminum door and window frames, aluminum plates, and stainless steel plates.
 -PVC plastering tape is suitable for indoor and outdoor protection and masking in the process of painting, plastering, and varnishing on smooth surfaces such as plastic, wood and aluminum. -A variety of colors and specifications are available, allowing for users to choose the most suitable plastering tape according to their needs.