Company Profile

Company Profile

Based in Taiwan, looking global


Globe Industries Corporation, established in 1951, is focused on the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of adhesive tapes, and is one of the leading brands of adhesive tape in Asia. Globe's mission is to "assist with the worldwide marketing of products from all industries" and is well established in Taiwan's domestic market. Internationally, Globe has sold products to about 70 countries around the world under the GLOBE brand.


Talent inheritance, sustainable operations


Globe Industries Corporation regards employees as the most important asset. Although having strict requirements of work performance, Globe takes care of the concerns and personal developments of employees to form harmonious labor relations and solid staff centripetal force, resulting in the company's long-term steady development. Looking ahead, Globe will be more active in cultivating talents for future generations, ensuring sustainable development.

Continuous improvement, strive for perfection


Globe Industries Corporation is a professional tape manufacturer with plants in Taiwan and mainland China that develops, produces, and sells diversified tape products, which are widely used in various industries. By pursuing excellence through our quality policy and having established a complete quality assurance system, we are able to provide customers with high quality products, and have obtained numerous international quality and safety certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 14064-1, ISO 14067 (Carbon Footprint Verification and Taiwan Carbon Label),ISO 45001, IEC 60454, CNS (CNS Mark), CSA, IMQ, JIS, UL, ЯU, and VDE.In the spirit of excellence, our plants have fully implemented ISO international certification systems in order to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, and fulfill the corporate social responsibility of environmental protection and carbon reduction.


Innovation breakthrough, transformation reform


Globe Industries Corporation was founded in 1951. Although it has a history of 70 years, it also knows that business needs to keep pace with the times. In response to the changing times and the evolution of technological tools, Globe continues to utilize automation equipment and smart information system to enhance research and development, manufacturing, and sales management capabilities, toward the goals of digital transformation and smart manufacturing. Globe is committed to building a more advanced and efficient plant, becoming a higher quality and competitive tape supplier.

Energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction, protect the Earth


Globe Industries Corporation upholds the business philosophy of corporate social responsibility and is deeply concerned about the impact of climate change and environmental pollution on all mankind. Therefore, it actively promotes the simplification of the manufacturing process and the improvement of energy conservation and carbon reduction. For this reason, it has become the first tape manufacturer to obtain the ISO 14067 Taiwan Carbon Footprint Certification.
Following the belief that “there is only one earth, let us protect it together”, Globe's policy will continue to support environmental protection, and hope to contribute to the sustainability of the environment and leave a pure land for future generations.