Chairman's Message

Globe Industries Corporation was founded in 1951 specializing in the tape business. Globe upholds the business philosophies of integrity, stability and safety as the core values of sustainable development. Since its establishment, the patronage and support of customers from all walks of life, as well as the close cooperation of supply chain partners, have laid the foundation for mutual trust and strengthened future cooperative relations.

In recent years, with the development of the global high tech industry, we have been committed to innovative research and development, obtained quality certifications from various countries, and improved process technology capabilities. We actively invest in automated smart manufacturing, and continue to improve product quality and achieve cost competitiveness to provide customers with the best service.

    In addition to pursuing sustainable operations, our management team is also committed to caring for the earth and creating a sustainable environment; having promoted energy conservation and carbon reduction for a long time, Globe has taken the lead in the industry by being the first to obtain carbon footprint certification for OPP and PVC tape, becoming the pioneer of green tape.

    Globe has always been people-oriented and values the health and well-being, learning and growth of our employees. By building a consensus through education and training, we have established an ethical culture of unity, cooperation, and labor-management harmony. The “Globe Industries Education Foundation” was established to actively invest in social welfare and cultivate future elites. We will continue to strengthen corporate governance, fulfill social responsibilities, and promote the sustainable development of the company and the harmonious co-prosperity of society.

Globe Industries Corp.

Chairman: Tony Chang