Printed Packaging Tape Printed Packaging Tape Printed Packaging Tape Printed Packaging Tape Printed Packaging Tape 
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Printed Packaging Tape 
 - The feature of this product is that it can have printed trademarks, patterns, text or numbers on the tape according to customer specifications. In addition to having external advertising effects, it can be used internally as identification to facilitate management.
 - Suitable for sealing boxes and bundling goods in a variety of settings, whether at the office, factory, warehousing and logistics company, etc. 
 - If there are other thickness requirements, please contact for confirmation.
 - A variety of specifications are offered, the appropriate size can be selected according to your requirements.

Product NumberColorAdhesiveThickness
Tensile Strength
702P Water-based acrylic1.6923.113.4100↑
703P Water-based acrylic1.7721.313.4100↑
704P Water-based acrylic1.8521.313.4100↑
705P Water-based acrylic1.9723.113.4100↑
706P Water-based acrylic2.0924.917.9100↑