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Double-sided Tape- Double-sided easy tear tape is also one of the choices for industrial double-sided tape

  • Double-sided easy tear tape is made by using materials such as paper or foam as the substrate, evenly coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides of the substrate, and a release paper layer to form double sided tape. 
  • The double-sided tape has good adhesion, can satisfy double sided fixing needs, and is easy to tear. It is not only suitable for general use, but also for specific-purpose industrial use.
  • #6131 and #6132: Double-sided easy-tear tape with a paper substrate, good adhesion, easy to tear by hand, suitable for general low-load stationery pasting applications.
  • #6136: Non-woven easy-tear double-sided tape made with a non-woven fabric substrate, coated with acrylic-based adhesive on both sides, good adhesion and easy to tear by hand. Suitable for general handicrafts, posters, calendars, photo albums, presentations, etc., and can also be used as a specific-purpose industrial double-sided tape.
  • #658: Double-sided foam tape, can be torn by hand; its 2mm thick foam substrate makes it suitable for when a cushioning or thickness function is required. Commonly used in general handicrafts, display items, posters, calendars, etc.
 Product NumberColorAdhesiveThickness
Double-sided Tape6131Double-sided TapeOil-based acrylic3.528.4
Double-sided Tape6132Double-sided TapeOil-based acrylic3.535.6
Double-sided Tape6136Double-sided TapeOil-based acrylic3.935.6
Double-sided Foam Tape658 Oil-based acrylic80.032.0