Electrical Insulating Tape, Protecting Tape, Electronic Industries Tape, Masking Tape, Stationery Tape, Packaging Tape, Duct Tape, Double Coated Tape

ISO 9001、UL、ЯU、ISO 14067、CSA、ISO 14064-1、IEC 60454、JIS、IMQ、VDE、ISO 14001

Met with President Ma Ying-Jeou for Building Materials Golden Quality Award, Taiwan Yushan Award, Integrity Manufacturers Award, Reducing Carbon Model Award

Japan Exhibition, German Exhibition, U.S. Exhibition, Korea Exhibition, India Exhibition, Egypt Exhibition, Iran Exhibition, Spain Exhibition, Russia Exhibition

is a professional adhesive tape manufacturer specialized in manufacturing and trading a great variety of tapes. For over the years, Globe has been successfully developing diverse kinds of tapes that are widely applied in different aspects of life. Globe has been persisting in its business philosophy of Excellent product quality and Satisfied customer service.Emphasizing the market-oriented and technology-based principles, Globe has been continuously developing diversified products, expanding production capacity, improving product quality, and providing the best service. That all together helps GLOBE brand to earn its best reputation and respect among customers from all over the world.



Excellent Product Quality
Globe aggressively involves in all kinds of quality activities to assure the implement of total quality management. All tests are strictly performed according to rigid standards in order to meet the quality control system requirement.



Satisfied Customer Service
Our head office is located in Taipei, with domestic and international marketing departments. We have built up a comprehensive service net work via our sales offices in many cities in Taiwan, and our trading partners all over the world.



Complete Product Line
Globe has successfully developed its diversified product combination, which are widely applied to many different work fields. Our products have achieved several standards, to name a few such as Chinese standard of CNS, American UL, and Canadian CSA etc.