pictureGlobe’s Masking Tape is suitable for surface masking protection for spraying paint, baked-finish of car, plastic and metal parts. They are also suitable for surface protection for printed circuit board (PCB), high temperature soldering, and surface protection of components during puncturing and assembling works. This series is designed to be resistant to high temperature, solvent, acids and alkalis. The masking tapes are easily stripped off without leaving adhesive residue and thus keep the surface intact. They fulfill masking effects and promote the finishing quality of the applied products, which is the best choice among customers.

Item Adhesive Thickness Adhesion to Steel Tensile Strength Elongation Application Temp. Solvent Resistance Product Description & Application
mm mil g/25mm oz/in kg/25mm lbs/in %
928 Rubber 0.17 7 600 21.3 8.0 17.9 10 160 excellent Resistant to high temperature, used during PCB puncturing and stannous dipping process
927N Rubber 0.145 6 800 28.4 8.0 17.9 10 80 - High adhesion, for general purpose, resistant to high temperature.
9801 0.08 3 150 5.3 4.5 - Japanese Paper Tape, General Purpose.