The history of Globe began in 1951 when Mr. Tien-Soon Chang founded a processing factory named “Wu-Cheng Stationary Processing Factory”, introducing Globe brand ink and fountain pen. In 1964, from a stationary manufacturer, it has become a professional tape manufacturer, and renamed as “ Globe Industries Corporation”. Globe’s tape products began to spread all over Taiwan and then extended worldwide.


  • Customers satisfaction in the first place.
  • Develop and maintain good relationship with suppliers.
  • Seek more benefits for employees and greater development for the company.
  • Undertake greater social responsibilities.
  • Become a more attractive investment target to shareholders.

Plant I:No.1 Shi 2nd Rd., Youth Industrial Park, Yangmei District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Plant II:No.8 You 1st Rd., Youth Industrial Park, Yangmei District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

pictureGlobe's two plants are located in a very well equipped and administrated Yang Mei Youth Industrial Park with easy access to Chung Shang highway and CKS int'l airport. Surrounded by green environment, both plants are company's property. Youth Plant I land area has approximately 8,579 M2and built area 6,800 M2. Youth plant II land area has approximately 10,674 M2and built area 12,585 M2.

No.9599, Zhuhai Avenue, NanShui Town, Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Zhuhai, Guangdong, P.R. China

pictureZhuhai plant has an area of 188,644 M2and was divided into three phases of development. The first phase has an area of 67,956 M2, in which the construction area is 21,938 M2, and the building area is 25,181 M2. The Zhuhai plant is near the 100,000-ton “Gaolan” deep-water port terminal, which has access to major ports domestically and internationally. The plants also links to the West Coast highways: “Gaolan Port Express way”, “Jiangmen-Zhuhai Expressway” and “Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway”. The construction of “Guang Dong-Zhuhai” railroad brings access to the major cities in China. The construction of “Zhuhai Express Highway”, which by passes Zhuhai Avenue provides access to Zhuhai Airport directly. The convenience of the transportation network creates a solid driving force of the Zhuhai plant market development.

Since 1951

  • 1951 Established Wu Cheng Stationary processing
  •     Factory
  • 1959 Reorganized as Globe Stationary Industries
  •     Company
  • 1964 Reorganized as Globe Industries Corporation
  • 1965 Production of Tarpoline Paper
  • 1966 Establishment of sales offices all over Taiwan
  • 1967 Production of Kraft tape, Cloth tape, label, etc.
  • 1971 Development of "Embossed PVC Packaging
  •     Tape" and approval of its patent Rights
  • 1972 The land acquisition within Youth Industrial
  •     Park and the set up of the Youth Plant I
  • 1975 Approval of Canada Standard CSA
  • 1976 Approval of USA standard UL
  • 1980 Approval of USA "A" grade for PE Film Tape
  • 1981 Successful development of Crepe Tape
  • 1983 Increase of production of Special Adhesive
  •     Tapes for Electronic Industries
  • 1984 Computerized management system promoting
  •     QCC, TQC
  • 1985 UL Approval of Electronic Devices
  • 1986 The acquisition of the head-office building in
  •     Taipei
  • 1987 Another land acquisition within Youth Industrial
  •     Park and the set up of the Youth Plant II
  • 1990 Public Offering) authorized by SEC (Securities
  •     and Exchange Commission)
  • 1995 Achievement of ISO 9002
  • 1996 The victory on "Embossed PVC tape" patent
  •     rights lawsuit
  • 1997 December 26th, 1997‧Stock officially traded in
  •     OTC
  • 1999 Globe Industries Corporation's 50th
  •     anniversary
  • 2000 August 18th 2000, Stock officially listed in the
  •     stock market
  • 2002 Investment in Mainland China, acquisition of
  •     the land in Zhuhai
  • 2003 ISO 9001 Replacement
  • 2005 Achievement of IMQ, IEC 60454-3-1
  • 2006 Achievement of JIS
  • 2007 ERP Implementation
  • 2011 Achievement of Carbon Footprint Certification
  • 2013 Achievement of ISO 50001